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Botox is in the family of neurotoxin products. Other similar products include Dysport and Xeomin. The products work on wrinkles called “dynamic rhytides,” a term meaning wrinkles that are present when facial muscles are moving/contracting but not present when those muscles are at rest. The mechanism of action is essentially the same for each product- the toxin permanently blocks nerve transmission in the area where it is injected, preventing nerve impulses from reaching muscle fibers, thus preventing contraction of the fiber and preventing a wrinkle from forming. Effects typically last for about 4-6 months after treatment. 

Like all cosmetic treatments a consultation is required prior to scheduling your appointment. This ensures the service scheduled is the correct service to deliver the desired results. 

Botox Injections at V Dermatology in Traverse City, Michigan

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We are proud to announce our aesthetician, Emily, is an ambassador and educator for SkinPen Microneedling.

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